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Team Building Info & Advice

Welcome to ‘The Team Building Directory’ an online resource for anyone interested in corporate team building, team development, training, motivation, corporate events, conferences and development.

You can find information on corporate event ideas, team building companies, case studies, articles, resources and venues. We also have a list of useful links.

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Christmas Team Building Activities

If done properly Christmas can be a perfect time to run a team buidling activity or event.
So to get ready for the season of goodwill read out throughs about how to get the most of our your Christmas team buidlign event, click here.

Team Building Videos

We have compiled a selection of team building videos to help you build a great team.

To get started watch this video below about the ‘Characteristics of Successful Teams’:
See more team building videos>>

Team Building Articles

How to improve time management

Possessing good time management skills is vital both when working independently and whilst completing tasks as part of a team. Managing your time effectively can help you to be more productive and therefore less stressed. There are some simple actions you can do to help improve your time management skills.  What is time management?   Time... Read More

What is Team Building?

In times of increasing change organisations have to find ways of responding creatively. Creative responses require the organisation’s members to co-operate with each other. It is rare that one person can produce the ideas required or carry them out. Team building activities (sponsored link) increase the amount of effective co-operation in the organisation. Managers must build co-operation within and between teams to get the best results.

In a typical corporate team building event a group of staff, with their manager, clarify and review their purpose and objectives. They identify any obstacles in the way of achieving these objectives and plan future progress. This is rarely a straightforward process. Any lack of trust and openness in the team will create communication difficulties. Many team members anticipate the process being stressful and are somewhat anxious about the prospect. Most team building activities employ an independent process manager or “facilitator” who is outside the team. He or she creates a safe atmosphere, encourages limited risk taking and generates effective procedures to help the team do its work.