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Why is team building important for the workplace?

For CEOs and managers who want to grow cohesive and effective teams, team building should be an important part of their schedule. There are a number of important benefits for both individuals and organisations as a whole when regular team building is implemented.

Encourages better communication

When individuals have to work together to reach a common goal they have to successfully strategise and collaborate to ensure that they reach the desired outcome. During team building activities, people who may not usually work together or communicate on a regular basis will come into contact with each other. This can help to build new relationships at work and create a more widely connected workforce.

Trust building

Another key reason that team building is important within the workplace is that if done properly it can help to build trust between employees as well as different teams. Within a team it is certain that everyone is going to have different strengths and skills that they can bring to the table, this will result in employees having to put trust in other employees who are better equipped for other tasks than themselves. When team members can witness other individuals strengths and weaknesses it allows them to identify better ways of working together and means they can also trust one another to get workplace tasks done.

Connects remote teams

Probably more relevant now than ever, with many people adapting either a hybrid or entirely work from home model it can be hard for teams to form relationships especially with new employees who have never been office based. Although it is likely employees will forge some kind of relationship through video and telephone communication it will be severely restricted. Team building helps with direct contact and also provides an opportunity for non-work related conversation allowing team members to get to know eachother better and build a better relationship. 

Recruitment benefits 

When looking for a new job, there are a number of important things that candidates are searching for in a potential new employer. High up on the list for many is a company that looks after its employees, by showing that the business is actively investing in team building it highlights to potential talent that employees are cared about. Similarly, teams that work better together will naturally promote a happier and more positive work environment which will attract better candidates. 

Investing in team building has been proven many times over to have significant positive impacts on employees and organisations. If you would like more information on possible team building, take a look at our activities.