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3 activities you can do with your team during lockdown
Lockdown is well and truly in full swing, with businesses and individuals all starting to feel the strain. It’s important now, more than ever that teams communicate effectively so that they can feel less isolated and less lonely during this strange time.
Whilst we know that getting involved in proper team building events isn’t possible yet (but we’ll be here ready for when it is possible), there are still some games that you can do during lunchtime to get everyone having a bit of a laugh together.
Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

Pub Quizzing

Pub quizzes are loved by people of all ages across the nation. There is nothing that brings a group of people together more than some good old fashioned competitive gaming, whilst you scramble to remember the name of a King you found out in history when you were 12.

There are plenty of online pub quizzes that you can do, or alternatively you can create your own so that you have some control over the theme.  The beauty of quizzing is that you do not need to be an expert on anything as such, you can simply be competitive in a positive way and have a bit of fun.


Pictionary is another classic that is played usually at family events, and it couldn’t be simpler. You get everyone on a video call, and one by one everyone gets a turn to draw a randomised word whilst others guess it. is a good one to use for this, but there are plenty of options available.

It’s fun, it’s easy and is guaranteed to get everyone laughing together!

Online UNO

UNO is quite a speedy game, and so is a good one for playing at lunchtime if you want to have a quick catch up and some fun with your team.

The website Uno Freak is a great choice as you don’t have a limit of how many can join in. This way you can also have a video call whilst playing on your desktop at the same time, which means that if some people would rather just come for a chat instead of playing then they can.

Those are just a few games you can do to keep in touch with your team, keep morale going and get everyone communicating whilst full team building exercises are at a standstill. Regardless of what you choose to do, it’s so important during this time to check in on your employees and teammates to ensure everyone feels supported through the pandemic.