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3 great gifts that will motivate your team

When it comes to motivating a team, gifts and presents/bonuses can be a good tool within your kit to reward people and make them feel valued by the company. Ultimately this is one of the main positive effects that come from rewards as opposed to being the specific goal in and of themselves. This week we take a look at 3 gifts that can be the perfect reward for your team.

1. A voucher for a local holiday

Whilst Covid has made many sceptical about international travel it has breathed new life into the local travel sector. If you want to help support the local tourism industry then giving your employee vouchers for some of the local holiday parks could be a great way to proceed. There are some fantastic holiday parks in Devon that offer some great facilities your employees are bound to love!

2. Gift vouchers for a local store

Gift vouchers from your local store are a great way to support the local economy whilst also giving back to your employees! If you have a series of good local stores then picking a selection could give the employee some choice which they will be appreciative of.

1. Spa days

Spa days can be a great way to unwind and if you notice an employee putting in an extra hard shift then they can be a great way to show them that you care. It should be mentioned that spa days are not for everyone and you should always check to ensure your team will appreciate them.

Make sure you tailor the gift to the employee or employees

No one wants to receive a present that they are not going to get a huge amount of value out of which is why you need to tailor the present to the gift receiver, just as you would when buying a gift for a friend or family member. When used correctly gifts have the potential to motivate an employee, but you should always make sure that the employee suits the gift and the way it is being received to get the maximum result.