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3 key tips to improve your team’s productivity in April 2021

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Getting the most out of your team can be a real challenge and in 2021 with the reality of remote working now well underway, there are plenty of reasons why your team may not be functioning together as efficiently or productively as they otherwise might have been.

In this month’s blog, we offer 3 key tips that can help to improve the productivity of your teams whilst also keeping everyone that bit happier.

1. encourage regular team calls

Getting together over large strict team calls can be pretty draining and we have all had plenty of video calls to power through over the past year so encouraging casual ad-hoc catch ups will reduce the chances of fatigue setting in whilst also providing a good opportunity for people to catch up. We recommend encouraging these without being too rigid, if people feel like they have to catch up over a call it may lead to resentment.

2. Use a synced calendar

The use of a synced calendar in the workplace really is important, especially with remote working. Adopting a synced calendar will reduce the chances of crossed wires when it comes to meetings and in general help with making sure everyone is aware of the work their colleages are doing. It will reduce the need for time-sucking emails and messages.

3. Encourage workers to chat to clients on the phone

Email can often be a diffiult form of communitation to convey emotion over and this is one of the reasons why we do not reccomend using it too much to contact clients if there is an issue. Whilst it might seem like a time saving in the short run, if you do not convey your message well you will have to explain yourself in more detail later on.

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