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5 tips for building a great team

The power of great and collaborative teams cannot be underestimated when it comes to business success. A successful company operates best when it has employees with a team mentality, each filling an essential role and fulfilling long-term goals within the business.
We’ve highlighted some of our top tips on how you can build a great team, read on to find out more.

Our top tips for building great teams

1. Identify needed roles

A business should never hire more staff just because they think that they need more bodies in the room. Instead, you should identify roles based on the needs of your business and the other staff within it. Do you need a new role due to discovering you need an in-house accountant? Do you need to hire a marketing assistant because the marketing team is getting busier?
Think of what you actually need first before hiring.

You should also go through a thorough selection process for picking your team members to ensure they meet the needs of your business.  Investing your time and money in people who truly fit the role your company needs will bring long-term benefits compared to just hiring the first person that interviews.

2. Value the roles that you create

Once you’ve identified and created roles, you need to ensure you are showing that you value every single role and every single individual within your business. Everyone has some impact on the success of your business, and so you should ensure that every employee feels that their job matters and that they matter.

This sense of purpose helps to boost employee performance as they feel more valued and part of the bigger picture. Once employees start to feel undervalued, that’s when they start to switch off.

3. Communication is key

The best way to create a team that is open, honest and collaborative is to encourage communication and to provide good communication. It is important to create a culture where managers and team members are communicating consistently so that everyone feels involved and to build a higher sense of trust.

Communication can happen in many forms, from emails to video calls and so the possibilities are endless! Slack is a great app that allows for an open line of communication and helps team members to share and create a more productive workflow. Another idea to keep the conversation flowing is having weekly or bi-weekly check-ins for projects. It is key to give every team member a voice, regardless of the discussion. When we are involved with discussions, we feel more attached to the outcome which often leads to better performance.

Aside from more formal work communication, try and encourage general chatter and catch-ups between teams too. This creates better relationships, which creates stronger teams.

4. Set clear goals for the business and teams

Setting both short and long-term goals with your team sets a foundation for which tasks are built around each day. In order to give teams a sense of purpose and a benchmark for performance, goals should be set. These should be SMART goals which are focused on strategy and outcomes, rather than on individual tasks. Having goals outlines expectations, but is also a good motivator for everyone involved.

5. Get to know each other

Of course, not everyone within a business will be firm friends, but being social and knowing those around you helps to build a better team.

Everyone within a team needs to know the people that they work with, so that they can understand their personality and how they work. This often helps individuals to be more respectful of different working methods and personalities, which builds a more supportive and motivated team.


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