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Blind Wine Waiter

Type of activity:

Energiser Exercise


6 - 60


30 Minutes

Key Themes:

Teamwork, Communication, Leadership


Teams of six must successfully find, uncork and pour a bottle of wine into five glasses. Each team member must carry out no more than one element of the task and at least five of the team must wear blindfolds.


None required.

Equipment and Layout

One bottle of wine per team, one wineglass per team, blindfolds for 5 members of each team, one corkscrew per team.

Running The Activity

  1. Introduce this as a light-hearted activity that will improve communication across teams.
  2. Divide the group into teams of 6 and ask each team to elect a leader.
  3. Hand out blindfolds to all team members other than the leader, instruct all team members other than the leader to put on their blindfold.
  4. Ask the team leader to take a seat somewhere close to his/her team and ask him/her to sit on her hands.
  5. For each team, position one bottle of wine, one wineglass and one corkscrew in various locations around the room. Take care to ensure that nothing is positioned where it might easily fall or break (eg make sure the wine bottle(s) and glass(es) are placed on the floor against a wall, or in the centre of a table).
  6. Tell all participants that their task is to find a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and a wine glass, open the bottle and pour their leader a glass of wine.
  7. Tell the participants the rules:

– the team leader cannot move from his/her position and cannot use their hands.

– no team member must complete more than one task

– blind team members must use their writing hand only and place the other behind their back throughout the exercise

– task 1 is to find the bottle and bring it to the team leader

– task 2 is to find the glass and bring it to the team leader
– task 3 is to find the corkscrew and bring it to the team leader
– task 4 is to open the bottle of wine
– task 5 is to pour the wine into the glass and offer it to the team leader
– task 6 (for the team leader) is to drink the wine without using their hands

  1. Once one team leader has drunk the wine, signifying the successful completion of the challenge, you can announce the winning team (if more than one team is taking part).
  2. Award a prize if appropriate.


Additional Notes


Reviews and Conclusions

Ask each group to share the strategy they adopted for the exercise
Ask what was missing from their strategies
Ask the team to assess the effectiveness of their communication
Identify times when similar communication occurs in the workplace.


Frostbite is another blindfolded challenge with an emphasis on the leader’s ability to communicate effectively.
Download the Blind Wine Waiter PDF here.