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Dream Trip

Explain that this exercise will help us to understand and get to know one another better by revealing our some of our ideals and motivation. Tell the group that they will have ten minutes to write a travel itinerary for their ‘Dream Trip’. Ask them to imagine that their employer is so pleased with their…

Blindfold Rope Square

Give each participant a blindfold. Explain that this is a task that requires effective verbal communication. Position the participants in the area where the activity will take place. Ask them to lower their blind folds over their eyes and turn around until you say stop (allow them to rotate a sufficient amount so that they…


Introduce this as a task that requires effective verbal communication and planning. Explain the scenario that the teams are arctic explorers who have been caught in bad weather and need to erect a tent to gain shelter. Then explain that, as a result of the severe weather conditions, the team’s leader is suffering from frost…

Blind Wine Waiter

Teams of six must successfully find, uncork and pour a bottle of wine into five glasses. Each team member must carry out no more than one element of the task and at least five of the team must wear blindfolds.