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Best Virtual Team-Building Activities For A Remote Team

Nowadays, the majority of companies have switched to the format of remote work. With the advent of the online format of work, new forms of team-building activities have appeared. Find out about the best activities to build a team.
Team building is an essential tool in the hands of any leader. This method can be applied in any field and in any company. The importance of team building is to unite team members and help each employee to open up, not only in a work environment but also in an informal setting. With the massive emergence of the remote work format, the need for team building has not disappeared anywhere. On the contrary, the need for team building has increased even more. In this regard, virtual team-building activities began to appear. Here we have collected the best team-building activities (for employees) that will help to create a great team.

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Top Tools For Organizing Online Team-Building Activities
But before proceeding with the activities themselves, an important clarification will be a few words about the programs that you can use in creating team building events. It goes without saying that in an online work format, it often happens that employees work not only in different cities but even in different countries and continents. Fortunately, nowadays we have a whole range of various tools that will help facilitate the communication process and provide the benefits your business needs so much. Here you will find out about some useful tools such as meeting management software and other tools which will help you to make activities for your team.
Software For Teleconferencing
This is one of the most popular and, without exaggeration, important programs in virtual team-building activities. It will directly help you gather your entire team via video call at one time in one place. With the help of these programs, you can easily communicate with a large number of employees at the same time, and this tool is ideal for both business issues and informal meetings.
Screen Recorders
Not a single team-building event these days can take place without a screen recorder for PC. You will need this tool to record the entire event. After all, each employee, in the end, will be interested to see how they look in the computer of the colleague. Moreover, this video will remain in your working archives, after which you and your colleagues will be able to review it. A significant advantage of screen recording tools is that they respect the privacy of each call member. So the recording can be made only if all participants have approved it.
Scheduling Software
This tool is also very important because, unfortunately, employees can simply forget about a corporate event or a party that was planned in advance. With the help of such a program, you will be able to schedule online meetings so you can be sure that all employees are connected on time and on the right day.

What Are The Best Team-Building Activities in 2022?
Now you can find a huge number of different activities. Before making the choice of anyone’s activity, remember that this is a very important tool in building the atmosphere and mood in the team, so approach this choice with all responsibility. But don’t forget that there is no need to do everything by yourself, and you just can hire a host who can take full responsibility for the implementation of your team-building activity. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the most relevant activities for the remote team.
Competitions For Speed Typing
This is really a very interesting activity because it is not only fun but will also be really interesting for the team members. It can be done in a tournament format. Its essence is that each participant will pass a typing speed test. Each employee will have only one attempt. In the end, you can also make the final awarding of the winners with small prizes, this will bring a healthy spirit of competition to the team. But also employees will be able to improve their hard skills. Especially the typing speed.
Guess The Movie
This activity will definitely please your employees. Its essence will be that each person from the team will choose their favorite film, the main thing is to make sure that the films do not repeat themselves. After that, employees will highlight the main storylines and give some clues. The task of the team members will be to guess the name of the film. For each film, a person will receive a point, but if somebody also names the actor who played the main character, then they will receive extra points. The person who scored the most points can receive a gift. This is a great way to relax and escape from everyday work with your remote team.
Online Picnic
You must warn your employees in advance that they must prepare their favorite snacks, as well as their most interesting stories. Everything will happen as a real picnic, you can take turns sharing your stories and eating your favorite snacks surrounded by colleagues. It is also a good idea for such an activity to prepare small marshmallows and a candle, you can fry them as if you are in nature, which will further help you feel the atmosphere of a picnic.
Something In Common
This is one of the best activities that will help your employees not only learn more about each other but also make friends. For this activity, create small video conferencing rooms for each team of 3-4 people and challenge them to find three things in common. Once the team has mastered this, gradually complicate the task by removing the similarities such as features of appearance or the fact that they work in the same company. You will see how much your employees will like it.
In fact, today, there are a huge number of different online team-building activities. With a high degree of probability, you will definitely find something interesting for your team. But the main point is that leaders need to find a middle ground, when each person in the team will feel comfortable, so that your team, despite remote work, becomes even more friendly and cohesive.