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Chocolate anyone?

Hertfordshire based team building, motivations and event management specialists Fresh Tracks, famed for the creation of the original chocolate team building event the ‘Chocolate Challenge™’ have come up with a novel way of attracting business; they are giving away even more chocolate!

The company recognise that for many companies getting around to arranging an away day or even a conference can be an onerous task and one that is regularly put on the back burner. By asking clients who are committed to putting on an event in the forthcoming twelve months to complete an enquiries form on the company website, Fresh Tracks will supply a selection of free chocolate. As if this wasn’t incentive enough, Fresh Tracks will also give the company concerned all the support that is needed to ensure that their team building, away day or conference will be an unmitigated success.

And it would appear the initiative is proving to be very popular amongst both existing clients and newcomers alike. As Fresh Tracks Director Dan Collins is quick to acknowledge, ‘the idea isn’t just an attempt to crystallise a company’s forthcoming plans it also reminds everyone that Fresh Tracks are committed to providing fun and innovative solutions – both of which are extremely important to us and what we have based our reputation on’.

For your chance to receive some free chocolate, simply visit the Fresh Tracks choclolate team building page and click on the Enquiries link and complete the form. Whilst online why not have a look at the wide selection of exciting and innovative team building events that are available including the ‘Chocolate Challenge™’ although sadly for chocoholics, technology hasn’t yet advanced to allow the free sample being available on your PC screen!

Fresh Tracks have plenty of training, development and structured team building activities that focus on creating a fun and effective environment to get your team fit and focused for the New Year. Just give us a call on 01920 822 220 or take a look at our Fresh Tracks website for ideas and suggestions .