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Chocolate Team Building

One Motivational Step From Graveyard Shift to Chocolate Heaven

Energiser sessions answer the perennial attention span problem
How do you deal constructively with the ‘graveyard shift’? PMS (post-meal syndrome) is so recognisable that it could be scheduled in to the programme of any conference or seminar. So, Fresh Tracks – organisers of motivational events – has developed a range of innovative activities designed as ‘energisers’ between sessions. Not simply about ‘fun’, these activities are designed to fulfil a number of different purposes; breaking down barriers, promoting teamwork or perhaps even re-integrating teams after difficult sessions.

Despite the variety, there is no doubt as to the most popular of the Fresh Tracks packages – the chocolate team building (external link) event The Chocolate Challenge. Teams are given 90 minutes and all raw materials needed to create a new brand of chocolates. They simulate a complete business process from initial concept, through design, production, marketing and promotion of their chocolate product.

For organisers, whether in-house or external, the Chocolate Challenge offers a lighthearted and highly creative environment that requires teams to demonstrate basic skills of co-operation and communication, plus a mix of artistic and mental ability. For the participants, it’s about fun and several pounds of the finest Belgian chocolate!

The Chocolate Challenge was included in a two day team building event that Fresh Tracks organised for 20 employees at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Janet George, Development Manager with Bayer commented, “Fresh Tracks were creative and energetic and ran a well organised event which really helped our team to move forward. Designing the chocolates highlighted where individual talents lay and allowed employees to use them in a creative environment.”

But chocolate isn’t the only option. Lasting from 5-10 minutes up to an hour and a half, there are a range of sessions, suitable for between six and 300 participants.

For coffee breaks, humourous lateral problem solving activities are perfect. For good weather, some highly unorthodox treasure hunts may be just the job. But whatever the activity, the Fresh Tracks team of 30 specialists will ensure that every minute outside of the seminar or conference room will be as useful as those spent in the programmed sessions. They can be contacted on 01920 822220 or via their website,

About Fresh Tracks Team Building
Fresh Tracks is based in Ware, Hertfordshire and has been running strategic tailored motivational courses since 1991 and has over 30 experienced leaders covering a wide range of activities and skills for teams of up to 20 people. The company also provides specific activities designed to bolt on to conferences and seminars, for up to 300 people.