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Christmas Team Building
Sponsored by Fresh Tracks Christmas team building events Christmas Parties – The Ideal Time For Team Building

The Head of HR is concerned that she’ll have a harassment case on her hands if the booze flows too freely and the Finance Director keeps banging on about benefits in kind and the £150 per year limit. Christmas parties are becoming increasingly complex but, despite all the red tape, they also present a unique opportunity.

In these days of email and video conferencing, for many businesses Christmas is the only time of the year when everyone actually gets together, making it an ideal time to present some key messages or undertake some team building. And given the options available, this need not be at the expense of any fun. In fact, rather like Après Ski, the party goes much better after some intense activity – it gives the partygoers something to talk about.

Fresh Tracks have been organising team building and motivational activities for over 15 years, during which their range of clients has looked like a Who’s Who of the world’s most well known brands – Coca Cola, T-Mobile and GlaxoSmithKline to name but three.

Whether it be the ‘Chocolate Challenge™’, which involves kilos of chocolate and lots of laughs, or time spent chasing around the streets of London in a Black Cab Chase, Fresh Tracks have something to suit everyone’s taste. All can leave lasting benefits with a company long after the laughter has died down and the hangovers faded.

So if you are looking for a fun and enjoyable Christmas get-together that will make a difference to your team, contact Fresh Tracks today to see what they can bring to your party.

After all, teams that play together, work together.
For more information call 01920 822 220 or visit the Fresh Tracks website