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Finding the positives in networking events

Networking is not for everyone, but in this blog, we will look at how you might be able to look at networking differently.

Entering a room of strangers can create a number of fears, and we often dread going to networking events and having to mingle with strangers. You could get stuck with the most boring man or woman in your industry, you might be subjected to a hard sell, or you might be the one left standing alone looking a bit lost.
But let’s consider what you can actually gain from going to a networking event:

If you’re still not convinced, then have a look at Andy Bound’s Networking Made Easy in 4 Minutes movie. As an expert in this field, you will gain some real insights from Andy into the psychology of networking, and it’s only 4 minutes long too.

If you’d like some more advice on Networking, contact Team Building London today to see how we can help.