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Five tips for instant team motivation

With massive cuts announced across government spending this week it’s unlikely that the office Christmas party is top of the management team’s agenda.

So here are five no cost routes to raising team morale in an instant:

1. Thank each member of your team sincerely at least once a day, not just with a simple ‘Thank you’ but with a brief and heartfelt explanation of how their contribution has helped you. Even if you already do this, do it 20% more than usual and you’ll see productivity rocket.

2. Share some positive news, it could be big picture vision or some strategic insights. Trusting team members with valuable information shows that you value the person.

3. Give staff time to work on a specific project maybe in your own office if it’s quiet or let the team member leave the office to work in peace and comfort off site.

4. Set some stretching short term targets that will focus team members away from morale sapping office chit chat and onto a worthwhile task. Importantly be sure to make a big fuss when the goal is achieved.

5. Make the tea and coffee occasionally, the greatest leaders aren’t too proud to do the menial tasks and an act of generosity like this shows that you have time for your team.

Do let us know if you have any other ideas by commenting in the box below.

About author: Dan Collins is from Fresh Tracks who are experts in running team building activities,team development programmes and staff conference organising.