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Free Team Building Games, Activities and Ideas

General Team Building

These ‘Free Team Building’ activities are supplied by Fresh Tracks who specialise in providing corporate team building and team development days for some of Europe’s leading companies. They understand that many people simply want free team building games that they can run at work themselves. In response to this they have compiled a database of free team building activities all of which have been tried and tested. Most of these free team building ideas have been developed by Fresh Tracks and can be easily run by almost anyone in an office.

Free Team Building Activities

Title: Blind Wine Waiter

Participants: 6 - 60
Timing: 30 Minutes
Overview: Teams of six must successfully find, uncork and pour a bottle of wine into five glasses. Each team member must carry out no more than one element of the task and at least five of the team must wear blindfolds.

Title: Bonding Belt

Participants: 6 - 60
Timing: 15 - 30 Minutes
Overview: A hilarious illustration of team bonding in which teams of six are literally bonded together by a cling film waistband. They then have to race against the clock across the room with the intention of improving their time with each attempt

Title: Circle Of Questions

Participants: 6 - 60
Timing: 15 - 30 Minutes
Overview: An introductory activity that gets participants listening to one another. And in doing so, finding out about each other’s values. Participants form two circles, one inside the other. As the circles rotate in opposite directions, participants are faced with different colleagues who ask and respond to a series of questions.

Title: Frostbite!

Participants: 6 - 30
Timing: 45 - 60 Minutes
Overview: A scenario-based challenge which requires teams of 4/5, (who in this scenario are Arctic explorers who have been caught in bad weather) to elect a leader and then erect a tent to gain shelter. As a result of the severe weather conditions, the team's leader is suffering from frost bite in both hands and is unable physically to help in the erection of the tent. Meanwhile the rest of the team is suffering from snow blindness and as a result cannot see.

Title: Rings A Bell

Participants: 6 - 100
Timing: 15 - 45 Minutes
Overview: A simple and fun activity, ideal as an icebreaker or discussion starter. A good way of ensuring that all mobile phones are switched off at the start of a meeting.

Title: Silence

Participants: 5 - 500
Timing: 5 - 10 Minutes
Overview: This icebreaker aims to focus attention and to dissipate nervous tension at the start of a presentation, meeting or training session.