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Fun at Work

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17 ways to have more fun at work

Thinking of taking a day off? Forget it! If you want more hilarity than you can handle, then work is the place to be! We’ve found 17 fantastic ways to make your workplace so much fun, you won’t want to go home!

Mondays will never be the same again!

Friend Indeed – Minutes before a really important meeting bring a broom into the boardroom leave it somewhere conspicuous and stand on the table with a full glass of water. Holding the glass of water against the ceiling call out for some help. This should lure an unsuspecting victim into the boardroom. Say you’re conducting an experiment – you’ve been told if you hold a full glass of water to the ceiling, after 15 seconds, the glass should stay up there by itself (inject some physics terminology to make it sound realistic). Ask the victim to grab the broom and hold the glass with the broomhandle, get off the table and leave the room.

Boss Tennis – In this game your boss is the ‘ball’. On occasions when your boss comes to your desk for something, in the rules of boss tennis, once he’s finished with you, you must send (volley) him to some one on the other side of the room. They must volley him back to someone on your side of the room, and so on, until someone ‘misses’. Can be done with several ‘balls’ at once.

Meeting Bingo – Draw up bingo cards with a list of phrases that are commonly used in meetings. eg:”can I get back to you on that?”, “touch base”, “game plan”, “key objectives”, “mindset”, “core business”, “pushing the envelope”, “mission statement”, “seat of your pants”. Take along to meetings and distribute among members. The first to tick off 5 words and shout ‘BINGO!’ wins that round.

Who Said That? – If one member of a meeting is attending via a phone conferencing system, put a stupid mask over the speaker phone. Eg: Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse etc.

Speed Dial – Change a colleague’s telephone speed dial settings to slightly more amusing phone lines. E.g. a dating agency, stamp collectors club or medical help line for a rather embarrassing problem etc. This prank is especially good for people who use the speakerphone facility a lot.

Voicemaster – Send round an official looking memo from the IT department informing everybody that all the computers have now had ‘Voicemaster’ voice recognition software loaded. Then give instructions for installing the software, such as: say ‘good morning/good afternoon’ in a firm and clear voice to activate, etc.

Engaged – Get hold of as many pairs of boots or shoes and as many pairs of trousers as you can. Arrange the boots and trousers in the toilet cubicles so that it looks as though all the cubicles are occupied. Leave them there and watch the queue grow.

Sweepstakes – Set up a group sweepstake for any eventuality from Bob getting into work on time to how many times your boss says ‘my door is always open’ in one week.

Sticky Cups- Before an important meeting staple loads of paper cups into a huge circle and put the circle in the centre of the meeting table, or on a colleague’s desk. Fill the cups with water. Watch whilst they try to work out how to move the circle without getting soaked.

Persistent E-mailer – To get revenge on a persistent e-mailer reply to their message and add the address headers of the management team to make it look like it went to them too. Reply with something along the lines of ‘you would like to do what to the CEO!’.

Pardon – See how loudly you can get people to talk on the phone by saying that you can only just hear them.

Secret Agenda – Announce that you’ve got copies of the meeting agenda. Then hand out pieces of paper that read: My secret agenda, 1. Kidnap CEO, 2. Put hallucinogens in the water coolers, 3. Invade Norway. Gasp and then quickly recollect them sheepishly and ask everyone to pretend they haven’t seen them.

Chair Olympics – Swivel chair with wheels olympics. The possibilities are endless.

On Hold – We all know how annoying being on hold can be so speak to your telecommunications department and get them to change the on hold music to a comedian’s stand-up routine. People will then ask to be put back on hold.

Premier League – Every team needs a competition. Introduce the game of bin basketball. Each participant gets points for getting their rubbish in the bin and points vary according to the distance that the rubbish is thrown. If a participant manages to get the rubbish into the bin throwing from the opposite end of the office they automatically win the game.

Banana Guide – Use a large banana to point at your presentation slides.

Pet To Work – To help relieve stress and amuse the MD particularly when the dog chews up the end of year reports.

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