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Get your productivity back with these quick tips

It’s easy to start a day off with good intentions and a full to-do list ready to be worked through and ticked off. This can make it even more disheartening when you get to the end of the day and you haven’t managed to be as productive as you hoped.

Sometimes you just need to get yourself back in to the swing of things. Here are some quick ways to get your mojo back:

1. Wake up early

A productive day starts the night before. The key is to try and get to sleep at a good time and to wake up early to allow yourself to start the day right. By waking up early you will have time for breakfast and to start the day without rushing around. Exercise in the morning can also give a good boost to your productivity.

2. Begin with the least appealing tasks

Nobody wants to do things they aren’t looking forward to, make sure you clear away the unpleasant and mundane at the outset so there’s not a dark cloud hanging over your day.

3. Take charge of timings

Keep track of your day and try to dedicate a set amount of time to each task or meeting. Set a timer and move on when the timer goes off. This will make you work more efficiently and spend less time procrastinating.