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How can I give my team’s motivation a shot in the arm?

Getting the right balance in a team in terms of motivation and task orientation can be difficult. You want to keep your employees pushed in terms of personal and professional goals but also performing work that pays the bills and grows the business. 

Motivation is key in team building and as a result, is one of the best ways to increase the productivity and performance of your teams. In today’s blog, we continue our focus on motivation bu giving you some simple steps to improve the motivation in your workers. 

Circulate positive news about the company 


With 2020 being a year of almost constant turbulence, sharing some positive news about the company can be a great way to increase overall worker morale. It does not have to be major, even small news about a new account or business can be enough to boost happiness and productivity. 


Make the teas and coffees 


It can be very easy to overcomplicate the hierarchy at organisations, and whilst it is important to some extent, you should also show that you are not above some of the more menial tasks as a leader. This will earn your respect with employees. 

Encourage an open dialogue between workers 


If workers do not feel like that can share experiences and points of view with each other this can often be detrimental to overall innovation. Try and encourage open dialogue between workers, from these new ideas can develop which can be very profitable for your business! 

Take on these 3 tips to improve morale

The 3 areas outlined above are all good ways to increase morale and motivation in workers but the real amber nectar comes when they are used in a combination of approaches; they all compliant each other and will help keep workers on task whilst also enjoying their work and feeling like they are progressing both personally and professionally.