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How to arrange a day out that the team will love

Getting a team day out right can be a challenge. You have to manage for different personalities and different people are going to like different things; some will prefer more relaxed activities whilst others will want to get right amongst it.
This week, we share our thoughts on how you can arrange a team day out that the whole group will love and hopefully learn a lot from.


1. Try to get a feel of what a good team-building day looks like

As mentioned, many people will prefer different activities, and if you are going to take time in your team’s busy schedule it had better be worth it!

Have a meeting with your team to determine what a good day out looks like. Does it involve more practical elements, or are you better suited to a nice meal for a bit of team building? Either way, the group will be able to offer insight into the type of day out that they are looking for.

If you are looking for a fun way to get the team out and get a bit of exercise, then paddle boards could be a great place to start! Many companies offer them for rent so be sure to check in with providers near you.


2. Get feedback on previous sessions

Leading on from point number one, making sure that you have got team feedback on previous items will also put you on to a winner. If there have been some activities that haven’t gone down well, be sure to listen to feedback (however unconstructive) and make adjustments as and when necessary


3. plan out the day in suitable detail

Whilst you do not need to go into massive detail to create a good team day out, having the basics down will help. Make sure you have a list of dietary requirements and have informed everyone on how and when to attend the event. As always, make sure the agenda is planned out in advance to avoid wasted time.


Remember to have fun!

Having fun on the day out is a must, and if it is for a more casual reason like a leaving do then getting a few laughs out of it is essential! Try to promote a relaxed atmosphere and you will be well on your way to running a team day out that the staff will love.