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How to Choose the Best Team Building Activity in Paris: 4 Options for Companies

The mesmerizing capital of France is a city that can offer a huge number of activities for every resident and traveler. In addition, in Paris, you can choose an activity for a corporate event if you want your employees to team up and build friendly relations with each other.

Usually, companies choose to organize a gala evening in a restaurant for team building, where employees have a pleasant evening with food and alcohol. However, such activities sometimes get out of control and this often leads to a deterioration in relations between some people. Therefore, the best option is to choose an activity that will not only unite your team but also be useful.

In this article, we will offer activity options for your team. Also, don’t forget to use the bus rental in Paris at BCS-BUS to arrange transfers for your employees.

Treasure hunt

What could be a better option for team building than to invite your employees to work as a team, but in a playful way? You can come up with an exciting game where your employees should be divided into several teams and search for treasures. To do this, you can choose one of the parks in Paris to spend the day outdoors. While you are taking employees to the location using the bus charter Paris, tell them about what lies ahead for them, what treasures are hidden, and what gifts the winning team will receive. The best way to get the whole team involved is to have a big surprise waiting for the winners.

Cooking lesson

The only thing that unites all people on the planet is that everyone loves to have a good meal. There is nothing better than learning how French cuisine is created by teaming up with colleagues in a cooking class where everyone can have a hand in creating a great dish. If you rent a bus in Paris to take everyone to the place where the master class will be held, then your employees will begin to communicate much earlier in an informal setting.

Wine Tasting

Every Parisian knows that it is not difficult to find a bottle of amazing wine, since France is famous for its wine production. However, few people know how the production process takes place. In this regard, you can organize a trip to famous wineries using Paris bus rental, where you can not only learn everything about the processes but also taste the best specimens.

Boat cruise on the Seine

An equally exciting activity will be a boat cruise on the Seine, where you can organize a pleasant evening, as well as admire all the sights of the city. Just imagine that you will be rafting down the river, observing the landscapes of the city, and also having dinner with your colleagues, where you can discuss a huge variety of topics. For comfort, rent a private bus Paris, which will take all employees to the landing site, and also pick up everyone after the end of the evening.


In the amazing city of Paris, there are many activities that you can do with your employees to bring the team together. You just have to choose one of the many options where your employees can communicate in an informal setting, which will help improve productivity.