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How to really break the ice when welcoming a new employee

If your company has recruited a new employee, it can be difficult to welcome them into the team, and individual introductions with each staff member can often be awkward. However, there is another way to break the ice!

A great way to make them feel welcomed and to get everyone together is to arrange a team building event. By doing this, everyone can have fun together and get to know the new member of the team without being obliged sit and awkwardly introduce themselves and what they do.

A team building event that we love is Lights, Camera, Action! It’s a film making team building challenge which allows the whole team to put their creative heads on and produce a visual masterpiece.

This is such a great idea for your new team member too, who can put together a short film which could explain a bit about them in a fun and light-hearted way, whilst doing something with the rest of the team so no one feels silly or singled out.




We have plenty of other team building events available, and you can check these out on our Team Building Activities page.