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How to reduce your workload in a distracted world

As we grow in our career inevitably so does our workload and in a world where there is an increased focus on optimisation, you may find yourself getting caught in a ‘productivity treadmill’ in which you are getting more done but keep on having more to do.

This is a so-called ‘good problem to have but it can lead to burnout and an avalanche if you are not careful.

So what can you do to ensure that you are performing to the best of your abilities and have everything in your remit to keep on performing? Here we explore some ways to reduce your workload by getting the same amount of work done.

1. batch your tasks

Batching your tasks helps you regain control over your to-do list and really turn your work into more of a process. Whilst you should not view all tasks as a ‘production line’ some jobs like data management and checking can be viewed as a low-brain high productivity activity, at least until the robots take over.

2. answer emails in batches 

In a similar manner to batching your tasks, answering emails in batches also gives you the opportunity to get a productive ‘activity done whilst avoiding the black hole that the email inbox can be. We recommend having two to three set periods where you answer emails, keeping an eye on your inbox periodically for ‘urgent’ emails.


3. Have a ‘second brain’ for note-taking and task management 

A second brain will help you a great deal when it comes to capturing stuff that is sitting in your mind. Apps like Notion are great for instantly noting stuff down and can also be expanded into a wider productivity system. Find the right one that works for you and you will be well on your way to reducing your workload whilst also getting more done.