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How you can motivate your team to perform better in 2020

With the new world of work presenting a number of different challenges, it can often be difficult to keep workers task orientated as well as goal orientated. With working from home for many becoming the new normal here is the danger for people to become isolated in the way they work. In today’s blog, we take a look at 3 practical steps that you can implement to keep your employees motivated.

1. Set some reachable goals for your workers to achieve

when it comes to goal setting it can be difficult to know where to set the bar, however, with working from home especially it is important for everyone in the organisation to have a good understanding of the different aims everyone is striving towards, both individually and on the organisational level.


2. Allow time for workers to take time for personal well-being

Whether your workers are operating at home or in the workplace it is important to give them time for personal well-being improvement. This can be done in the form of formal breaks or mindfulness moments. Just make sure your workers do not burn themselves out this can be a big factor in poor motivation.

3. Empower your workers to take ownership of their own workload

When it comes to motivation there are few activities more detrimental to its creation than micromanagement. If workers feel like they do not have the trust of leadership, they will not want to create good work and strive towards their personal goals and the goals of the business.


Use these and other techniques to improve motivation

Nurturing motivation in your workers is one of the key tasks of any good manager, and these 3 techniques will help you foster it in your business. Use these and other techniques to improve morale in your team, it needs to be a holistic approach.