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How you can stay calm under pressure situations

Staying calm under pressure may seem to come easy to some but it is in fact a skill that is developed over time. It comes with practice and whilst it may seem very challenging in testing situations, the importance of keeping what the All-Blacks call a ‘blue head’ is critical when it comes to building business and personal relationships over time. 

In this month’s article, we have a look at some of the ways that you can keep yourself calm in stressful situations both within and outside the workplace. 



Exercise after a stressful day at work 


This one is more of a mitigating strategy for when you have had a tough week. We all know the benefits of keeping ourselves in good physical shape, but exercise has also been shown to lower stress levels over time. This is great when it comes to staying calm as it decreases levels of cortisol and helps you maintain focus and calmness in high-stress situations. 



Practice breathing exercise and mindful meditation 


Being part of a good team also means being able to detach when stressful situations arrive and act objectively. One of the ways that you can train your body to do this is through mindful meditation. This practice helps you clear your mind and become more comfortable with any thoughts that you do have. Couple this with a good set of breathing techniques and you will be well on your way to maintaining a calm zen-like presence in the workplace. 



Understand that it is natural to become angry 


It is often easy to get caught up in the moment with anger and react without thinking, this can lead to you having feelings of embarrassment and guilt afterwards. Whilst you should always do your best to keep calm you should also understand that it is perfectly natural to get agitated and wound up. When this does happen, let it pass. If you fester on it you will only be doing damage to your own mental health.

Practice calmness in all walks of life 


Hopefully these three tips can put you on the path to a better life at home and at work, but these are also good practices that can improve your overall quality of life in every area of your existence. Exercising, meditation, and a whole range of other activities are great for your mental health, and your ability to stay calm and collected under pressure.