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Promoting Teamwork And Cooperation

Teamwork is one of the qualities that managers and heads repeatedly try to instill in the people they work with in order to ensure seamless and effective operations.

Without a doubt, it is definitely a necessity for people working together to be able to actually work WELL. However, assigning people to be part of a team doesn’t necessarily mean that they are already thinking like one solid unit; if every individual is new to a team, then it’s an extraordinary challenge for them to start learning to like and trust one another. There will be too many varying experiences, attitudes, and expertise, and all of them may come to a head at some point, giving rise to conflict that may constantly simmer if left unresolved or ignored.

Placing an already-existing team under the wing of a new leader will also breed teamwork issues, if they feel that the new head of the group is unresponsive to their ideas and suggestions or is forcing upon them a new set of rules even if they feel the previous set-up was already functioning effectively.

Simply letting everyone be and hoping they will sort problems out by themselves is by far the worst approach, especially if you’re the head of the team. This creates the impression that you don’t care about team morale and have little concern for how the team relates to one another, which is the key to making sure that you work harmoniously and are able to meet your objectives.

To promote teamwork, you must address several critical issues. For starters, you should open the lines of communication within the team; have a proper dialogue with them to find out more about their concerns. You just might hear some important issues or learn about ideas that will be beneficial to all. You must also engage their interest and cooperation by helping them understand what their roles are in the big picture; too many workers refuse to work as part of a team because they believe that their responsibilities are insignificant and that they are mere pawns in the company’s operations. There must also be open communication among all of the team members in order to help them related better with one another, thus developing trust and cooperation, as well as a strong willingness to work together. Team building activities will help everyone get better acquainted outside of the workplace and learn how to work well together as a result of the shared experience.

Teamwork is not something that can be quickly developed or enforced; it takes time for a real team to be created. Spend some time getting to know how your team operates and you will get an idea how you can better foster teamwork.

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