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Running wild in new ‘Adventure Spaces’

A lot of us have every intention of adding some adventure to our lives, but we rarely seem to find the time or make excuses when we do have the time, despite the health benefits that come from being outside. Acquiring the kit is the easy bit, the real challenge is finding a few days to escape to the wild.

One team building company has recently established some new ‘Adventure Spaces’ as part of its mission to facilitate adventurous conversations. These locations are all outdoors, which allow companies to escape to the wild and reconnect with nature and the environment around us.

Fresh Tracks have set three locations up near London and one near Bath in the hope that this will be more accessible to many UK residents compared to Scotland or Dartmoor, where camping and outdoor adventure is completely legal.

Open to individuals and groups these spaces can be accessed at any time, often at short notice. All that is required is for users to pay Fresh Tracks a visit to discuss the experience beforehand and to follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ code.


Leave No trace:

• Plan ahead and prepare
• Travel and camp on durable surfaces
• Dispose of waste properly
• Leave what you find
• Minimize camp fire impacts
• Respect wildlife
• Be considerate of others


Having time out and time to enjoy the great outdoors is vital for our mental health and as a business, the mental health of staff should be one of the top priorities. Staff who feel supported at work and who can unwind outside of work are more likely to give it their all when they are in the office.