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Learn the power of ‘No’

Whilst leaders across the world manage to gain power by telling everyone exactly what they want to hear it leads us to think, is this really leadership?

5 ways to change how you do meetings

How many times have you come out of a meeting feeling deflated? Meetings are often called to be proactive and to bring teams together to inform of changes, discuss new plans, and drive the business forward. Yet, they usually feel like a waste of precious time, and leave staff feeling more drowsy than invigorated. Take…

How reflection can help your business

To enable yourself and your team to be more productive, you sometimes need to take some time out to think and to reflect. You should give yourself space to consider past successes, future plans for the business, and perhaps review things which didn’t go as planned or expected. In reality, no one gets a chance…

Running wild in new ‘Adventure Spaces’

A lot of us have every intention of adding some adventure to our lives, but we rarely seem to find the time or make excuses when we do have the time, despite the health benefits that come from being outside. Acquiring the kit is the easy bit, the real challenge is finding a few days…