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Why teambuilding and teamwork go hand in hand

When you think of a team, what would you put at the top of a list of characteristics that would make up that good team? Some that come to mind may be initiative, trust, empathy, leadership or creativity? What is clear when looking at these characteristics is that they are more attitudes than hard skills…

Virtual team building activities for boosting team morale

Team building activities as a whole are a great way of getting teams working and socialising together. During these more challenging times where we are all working in different environments, virtual team-building activities can help to keep bonds between employees strong and can boost morale.

5 tips for building a great team

The power of great and collaborative teams cannot be underestimated when it comes to business success. A successful company operates best when it has employees with a team mentality, each filling an essential role and fulfilling long-term goals within the business. We’ve highlighted some of our top tips on how you can build a great…