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Why teambuilding and teamwork go hand in hand

When you think of a team, what would you put at the top of a list of characteristics that would make up that good team? Some that come to mind may be initiative, trust, empathy, leadership or creativity? What is clear when looking at these characteristics is that they are more attitudes than hard skills…

Top tips for encouraging teamwork in your business

Creating a workplace environment that facilitates good teamwork requires effort, experience, and the right management structure to ensure it is followed through. However, there are ways that you can strengthen your team from the start and get everyone working together in harmony rather than working against each other. 

The benefits of introducing team building to your workplace

Let’s be honest, many people roll their eyes at the idea of team building, especially in the workplace. However, team building can offer significant value for both the employer and the employees within a business. Gathering your team together for activities that aren’t work-related can provide everyone with the opportunity to get to know each other….