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Virtual team building activities for boosting team morale

Team building activities as a whole are a great way of getting teams working and socialising together. During these more challenging times where we are all working in different environments, virtual team-building activities can help to keep bonds between employees strong and can boost morale.

How to stay connected with your team during lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has rapidly changed all of our lives, and has had a particular impact on how we work. As a result, many people are now working from home and are more isolated than they were before. There is now more of a need for teams to be communicating and engaging with each other to…

3 activities you can do with your team during lockdown

Lockdown is well and truly in full swing, with businesses and individuals all starting to feel the strain. It’s important now, more than ever that teams communicate effectively so that they can feel less isolated and less lonely during this strange time. Whilst we know that getting involved in proper team building events isn’t possible…