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The many uses of Zoom during lockdown

A little over a year ago, many of us had not even heard of Zoom. Getting on a video chat with a colleague was something that happened every so often if we worked for companies with international offices.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, we have had to get used to using Zoom a lot more. Working from home and socialising remotely have been the new normal and we have become used to this now.

But are we making the most of Zoom? And what are some ways we can use Zoom during lockdown?

Attend events

One way in which life has really changed is that we can no longer attend in-person events. From book readings to live music, we are missing out on arts and culture. But if you check out your favourite artists, they might just be offering something over Zoom.

Many culture vultures have been attending events over Zoom, and it is the perfect time to get involved! Whether you want to remotely visit an art gallery or museum, or watch a play, many amazing events are taking place online – and Zoom is connecting us to these great opportunities all over the world.


Work meetings are obviously not happening in person any longer. Thankfully, Zoom is making it easy for us to keep in touch with our colleagues. You don’t have to wait for your manager to set up a meeting, though! Connect with your colleagues at any time, as Zoom allows for all sizes of meetings.

Family time

Lockdown has been incredibly hard on family time. While you may be used to using technology to connect with your colleagues, you might still be calling your family and friends on the phone.

But Zoom has proven to be a great way for us to connect with each other on a personal level. Arrange a group meetup with your best friends and have a chat, make some cocktails, or even host a game night. Zoom is helping us to feel a little more normal in this incredibly unusual time.

Team building

Are you missing out on team bonding time? You can try a Zoom team building event so that you remember what it’s like to have fun together.

While you cannot hit the pub or go for a birthday lunch with your team, you can enjoy a virtual team-building event. Whether you want to join up to a bingo night or learn a new skill together, a Zoom team building event can help you to hang out with your colleagues and not talk about work for once!

However you utilise Zoom, you can be sure it will be part of your work and personal life for quite a while to come. So you may as well make the most of it!