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Team Talks: Mastering the Art of Remote Team Building

Encouraging close-knit and goal-driven team players can be a dilemma with the constant evolution of work setups. As businesses embrace remote setups, it is crucial to boost team spirit and foster camaraderie even with stretching distance among teammates.

Establishing a remote setup that works optimally requires mindful planning, valuable peer-to-peer and team conversations, and practical management of the remote team. All these will be made possible with the help of team-building activities, which are proven to help teams grow sustainably. 

In this article, learn the impact of remote team-building activities, some examples, their building blocks and tips, and why they’re essential for fast-tracking the development of your team. 

The Impact of Team-Building Activities to Your Remote Team

The impact of virtual team-building has three essential components: inclusivity, outlook, and intertwinement. These three ideas are essential for the culture assessment of the team later on when you start tailoring activities, making every activity fit for them. 


Team-building establishes a foundation of team acceptance or inclusivity as everyone, especially newbies, joins the activities. Inclusivity is based on the idea that everyone, regardless of culture and background, will be given equal opportunity and access. This essential element makes every team-building activity memorable and embracing, as knowing the background and culture of your team braces inclusivity. 


Working alone as a remote worker seems to be quite challenging to create and enhance your outlook. Sometimes, it can worsen daily, eventually leading to bad days at work. Building your perspective with a team seems to be one way to improve your outlook. Team-building enhances respect and support for virtual teammates as you learn you can get it from them, regardless of their culture and background. 


Intertwinement breeds trust and bond, and team-building thrives on this idea. This element allows everyone to become mutually involved with each other, regardless of background and culture. 

When everyone bonds and trusts each other during team-building activities, your team can critically solve every problem that arises along the way during work time. Intertwining your team players makes your team spirit fire, and you’ll look at your team as a team. 

Some Examples of Creative Remote Team Building Activities

Here are some fun-filled and creative ways to implement team-building activities. 

  1. Escape rooms – Create a virtual escape room that allows your team members to play during their break time. There are also a lot of online puzzles and adventures available that they can work on together for a limited time. 
  1. Virtual karaoke night – On weekends, encourage your team members to join a conference call, have some refreshments, and sing all out using karaoke platforms available online. 
  1. “Two Truths and A Lie” game – This game allows personal connection. Encourage your team to jot down two facts about themselves and one lie. These must not be about work. After one member shares his or her list, anyone can guess which is a lie. 
  1. Book club – A virtual book club allows intellectual discussions with your team. In this activity, all team members will read the same book and discuss it together during a conference call.
  1. Movie or game night – Once a month or every two weeks, select a poll of movies that team members can vote on. After that, stream the movie via group call, and everyone can comment on the movie on live chat during the call.

There are still tons of team-building activities you can choose from, and the list above can be a good start. You may also ask around the office and get some ideas from your teammates. 

Building Blocks and Tips for Remote Team Building

Once you establish the activities for team-building, you must know what to look out for and where to adjust to achieve optimal administration of activities. 

  1. Encourage suggestion-accepting communication and a friendly approach to conversations. Effective ways to communicate are often the backbone of successful teams. When you communicate, embrace suggestions with a friendly tone. This building block will enhance the sense of belongingness and the team’s communication.
  1. Observe consideration for time zones. Working with people from different places requires you to check their time zones individually and periodically. Encourage team members to have clocks from different locations. This building block will ensure that everyone can participate in team-building activities.
  1. Keep a varied array of activities. Every month, reshuffle your list of activities. Introduce new activities, if possible, to make things exciting for your team.
  1. Have a virtual drop-box for feedback. Encourage your team to list feedback about every activity to recalibrate activities to their preference. 
  1. Make your activities welcoming to all cultures and backgrounds. It is a must that you have a thorough understanding of your team players’ cultural background and what they like. This way, you can tailor your activities to their perspective.
  1. Give recognition and be rewarding. Recognizing the efforts and awarding your team members every after-activity can be a good start for them to join the activities next.

Why Team-Building Activities Essential for Fast-Tracking Team Development

Starting team-building activities, even at a remote setup, encourages your team in seven ways. 

  1. Team-building promotes work-life balance. While remote workplaces enhance flexibility, it is still important to clear the line between personal and professional life. It is crucial to prevent burnout.
  1. Team-building enhances the clarity of team communication. Clear communication and having the right channel for it is the bedrock of a team’s success. Hence, invest in the right tools for your team.
  1. Team-building ensures improved performance and responsibility. When people work together, they need deeper common ground to work well together. Thus, when deep-rooted with each other, they will be responsible for the team and look for optimal answers when issues arise. 

Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of remote team building can be a challenging feat for most team leaders. However, with the help of the ideas above, everything will be easy. Plus, with the right strategies for developing your team services, you can build a high-performing team ready to face multifaceted tasks with innovation dedicated to thriving in remote work.