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The benefits of trying something new

In business, it’s common for people to stick with tried and tested methods, or follow certain processes. Often, they don’t do this because it is the most efficient way; but because historically that is just how things have been done.

In order to grow a business, grow personally, or even to progress within your industry you need to be willing to try something new and to facilitate variety.

We’ve outlined some of the reasons why trying something new is vital for both personal and business development:

  • Increased confidence – Taking the chance to try something new takes guts. Showing yourself that you have what it takes will give you a confidence boost which will boost morale and your eagerness to continue trying new things.


  • Helps to learn new skills– Many times the thing you’ll be interested in trying involves learning a new skill alongside this, and whilst it’s easy to be afraid of failing you shouldn’t let this stop you.  With practice and persistence, you will gain a new skill and achieve something great.


  • Break out of a rut – A great way to break you out of your usual routine and to continually challenge yourself is to do something you’ve never done before. Wake your brain up and tell it that you’re here for development, not just to keep doing the same old thing.

With that in mind, we recommend taking time out of the office and trying something new with the rest of your team to give your brains a bit of a shake up. Team building activities provide the perfect environment to nurture success as your team get to try, fail and learn from mistakes together.