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The importance of fun at work

Some businesses clamp down on having fun at work, fearing that it could cause too much distraction and negatively impact the overall performance of staff. Yet by doing so, bosses are missing out on a number of opportunities to save money and discover talent.

Check out the 5 ways play can give your business a boost:

1. Play combats stress


Playtime shouldn’t just be available for children, adults need time to indulge in something enjoyable too. By participating in an activity that we enjoy or that sparks our curiosity adults will feel more energised, more motivated and less stressed.


2. Experiences create stronger memories 


As we take part in an activity we are activating and using all five senses and we will often learn more doing something that we will by reading or listening. Any lessons learned during a period of fun or activity are therefore more likely to be retained and applied in the future.


3. Activities show more sides of a person 


When staff relax and socialise, or perhaps even partake in activities, we often see a different side to them. This allows you to highlight the different personalities within your team, how they work and how they interact with people and also what they enjoy doing.  This will help you to understand your team more and understand what motivates them to do their work other than money. 


4. Allowing people to have fun encourages creativity

Just as a change of scenery offers fresh inspiration, so does a change of movement and a change of task.  When people are engaging with others and taking part in activities ideas are shared and they develop, bringing new opportunities and overcoming problems in new ways. 


5. Human beings need interaction


Humans are naturally sociable beings, and we need to interact with others face to face. By doing this, we develop a feeling of trust, loyalty and friendship that can really help in an office environment and make it a more enjoyable place to work. This feeling of membership ultimately makes staff feel more committed to their work.